Our Brokerage

Our Brokerage

Often, we judge the caliber of people by the company they keep – this is why we would like to tell you a little bit about Keller Williams® Realty and our office within the Keller Williams system.

Keller Williams® Realty was founded in Austin, Texas in 1983 with the specific premise that buyers and sellers deserve the best service for their real estate needs. That founding premise has been a major factor in the continued growth of Keller Williams® across North America. Two visionaries lead Keller Williams® Realty – Gary Keller, founder and Chairman of the Board, and Mo Anderson, Chief Executive Officer.

Because each Keller Williams® Market Center has grown within its respective community, Keller Williams® real estate agents have intimate knowledge of each community’s character, mood, and growth potential. Due to the fact that the majority of Keller Williams® Associates live in the communities and neighborhoods they serve, they are eager and capable of tackling unique challenges that families encounter when selecting new homes.

We are a profit sharing company where associates are in partnership relationships with the owners; this means that everyone at Keller Williams® Realty wants to find your home because everyone benefits.

The Keller Williams culture is based upon a belief system that is summed up by the acronym WI4C2TS:

Win-Win – or no deal
Integrity – do the right thing
Commitment – in all things
Communication – seek first to understand
Creativity – ideas before results
Customers – always come first
Teamwork – together everyone achieves more
Trust – begins with honesty
Success- results through people