___ Fill nail holes and touch up paint if needed

___ Check all bulbs and replace any burned out bulbs

___ Put in higher wattage bulbs throughout the house (brighter = bigger)

___ Box and store at least half of all decorative items, knick knacks and toys

___ Take the leaf out of the dining room table and remove extra chairs

___ Dust all ceiling fans, light fixtures, and chandeliers

___ Dust blinds, window sills, chair rail, shoe-molding, and vents

___ Freshen up or remove curtains


___ Deep clean: including cabinet doors, top, bottom & behind the refrigerator

___ Clean under stove and under exhaust hood/vent

___ Wipe down outside and inside microwave and dishwasher

___ Clear work surfaces (clear horizontal spaces = more visual space)

___ Organize pantry & clean out drawers (crammed = too-little-storage fears)

___ Consider changing cabinet hardware (high-quality finishes transform a space)

___ No room for pets (a kitchen, of all spaces, should be free of any pet evidence)

___ Pack up any dishes not currently in use (create space)

___ Organize under sink

___ Remove all items from top of refrigerator; remove magnets & personal items


___ Clean up ceramic tiles and grout (use a strong anti-mildew cleaner)

___ Repair cracked or loose ceramic tiles (one chip can ruin a space)

___ Re-grout faulty joints (caulk and grout are not the same thing)

___ Shine up chrome fixtures (use a stiff-bristled brush dampened with white vinegar – never use a metal cleaner or abrasive)

___ Remove stains from a porcelain sink (use a paste of cream of tartar and hydrogen peroxide)

___ Re-glaze a badly chipped enamel sink or bathtub (hire a professional)

___ Fix leaky faucets (you may be used to a dripping tap but buyers won’t be)

___ Clear away clutter (buyers don’t want to see your personal toiletries)

___ Replace the toilet seat (choose white)

___ Put out freshly laundered towels and shower curtain

___ Organize under cabinets and in drawers (create space)


___ Put away your collections (you don’t want to overwhelm potential buyers) Add a lived-in look (light candle wicks so they don’t look like props)


___ Splurge on new bed linens (big effect for a low cost – get throw pillows) Tone down kids’ rooms (repair damage to walls and neatly display décor) Clean out your closets (make the closet look as though the room is spare)


___ Lay down fresh mulch

___ Trim all hedges and scrubs (prune dead tree branches while you’re at it) Plant colorful annuals (inside be neutral with colors, outside be bold) Show what the garden is like all seasons (with photos)


___ Make the basement spotless (aspire to the submarine-control-room look) Wipe down the furnace/water heater/washer/dryer – they’ll look newer!