In-Home Consultation

In-Home Consultation

Buyers in this market are making two lists: the first is what they like in a house and a confirmation that their must-haves are met; the second is a list of items that they need or want to change in a home. Our goal is to minimize the “must-do” list, which will position your home more attractively against the competition. It is important to remember that once you list your property to sell – it is no longer your home – it is a commodity. Living in your home is very different than selling your home.

Why do the details matter? The majority of people are visual learners, meaning they need the visual cues to feel connected to a home and understand how furniture will work in a room. It is also important to ensure that visual cues are enhancing the space rather than distracting the buyers. The purpose of staging is to provide a visual display of the house’s personality and to help create an emotional appeal for a buyer.

Staging can help maximize the value of a home and help it sell faster. The importance of neutral décor is to appeal to the largest pool of buyers possible. Detailed repair work and cleanliness will minimize the “must do” list in a buyer’s mind. Your house may not feel like yours anymore – which is a good thing – we want it to feel like someone else’s!

Rent a Smart Box or POD and thin out all excess belongings. If closets are crammed, buyers will think there is no storage space. Store any extra dining room chairs or pieces of furniture that you do not use or that clutter a room. Less furniture = more space.

Give your house a really good deep clean before putting it on the market. Take books and items off of shelves and dust everything. Clean items that are out of eyesight like the tops of tall furniture, etc. Dust all ceiling fans, light fixtures, door frames, and show-molding. Definitely make sure to clean all vents and A/C returns and replace all filters. It is also a good idea to give a deep-clean to your furnace, hot water heater, washer, and dryer – this will help make buyers feel like everything is well maintained!

Neutralize colors & styles! A fresh coat of interior paint really makes a home shine, clears up any nail holes or scud marks on the wall and gives the house a “brand new” smell. Choose neutral colors.

If a full coat is not in the budget, consider touching up edges and painting moldings and baseboards. This will brighten up the interior and give the house a spruced-up vibe. Screens may need to be temporarily removed on front windows to increase curb appeal. Re-caulking the tub and shower will instantly freshen up your bathrooms and make everything look nice, white and sealed. Caulk can also help make older bathrooms look like they are in great shape, which will minimize the impact of a dated look.

People want to imagine themselves in your house. Remove all personal photos in order to neutralize the space.

When decorating with vases or small, tasteful knickknacks, it usually looks best to group in threes. Store the rest!