Catherine Ham’s team made our house sale almost effortless. In fact, using the word “almost” is unfair to them. If you want real professionalism with integrity and superb listening and communication skills, look no further. Catherine’s your realtor. PS we miss you!
-Sharon and Sheila

Catherine, we just want to say “thank you” for all of your hard work help, and patience in getting us to this point! This has been a great experience for us—we truly feel that you went above and beyond to streamline this process and get us into a great house. We have recommended you to everyone we know! -Casey and Megan

My favorite Catherine Ham memory is you saying, “You want me to bring it? Well I will bring it!” and bring it you did. I now tell my friends, “Catherine Ham is the Jam!” Thank you for getting the job done and for your wonderful staff. -William and Alveta

I consider myself very picky, yet I can’t think of anything Catherine, Antwon, or the team could have done differently to enhance Quality of Service. Catherine was great at delivering contracts FAST that met or exceeded my expectations. Antwon did a spectacular job finding me the PERFECT home and helping me get it with feasible price and conditions. -Alex

Your team acted on our behalf while we were in RI more times than I know. It was comforting knowing we could trust you all implicitly without having to check every move you make for us. We can’t thank you enough for making this part of the relocation smooth as glass! Honestly, I am not sure what else you could do—well, unpack us maybe! Your team has every step covered with knowledgeable and capable people. -Jesse and Sharon

The advice you gave me regarding the changes to make to the appearance of my home were right on. I think all the painting and sprucing up I did were key to making the sale. -Tracy